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Our solution 


Build and demonstrate our superior shrimp farming system

How can we build a superior farming system and achieve better performance than traditional farmers?

We will be amongst the first players to bridge the gap between four worlds that are disconnected.


We engaged with start-ups, agri-food companies, aquaculture experts, scientists, engineers, and experienced farmers to explore a suite of modern technical solutions that will modernize farming.

Key technical differentiators:

  • Water re-circulation and treatment hardware: UV lights, MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor)

  • Continuous (24/7) sedimented waste removal technology

  • Comprehensive, regular water monitoring (>15 physical, chemical, and biological parameters)

  • Optimised production planning (6 cycles per year or more)

  • Upcycling of farming by-products

  • On-site shrimp disease detection

  • Biomass estimation solutions

  • Precise, predictive feeding algorithm

  • Farm management software, etc.

Note: most of these technologies are NOT ours; we are happy to adopt modern farming tech from other start-ups / suppliers in the space.


Replicate our all-in-one system across Vietnam

Once we maximise and demonstrate the performance of our modern farming approach, we want to replicate it at other farms across the Mekong Delta.

Our objective is to boost farms’ performance by adopting science-based practices, technology, and data-driven decision-making. In the right-side diagram - our aim is to transition tens of independent farms into the "Opportunity area" quadrant.

Ultimately, GoodTom will catalyse the sector's transition to producing quality, sustainable, and affordable seafood.

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Implementation Progress

We have begun operations in 2024, at a 2-hectare shrimp farm located in Bac Lieu (Mekong Delta, South of Vietnam). Please contact us for more details.

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