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Precise, tech-enabled, data-driven, asset-light shrimp farmers

Addressing a global challenge 
To feed 10 billion people by 2050, the global protein supply needs to double.
Humanity needs to prioritise sustainable means of producing nutritious, affordable food. Aquaculture is one of the best solutions we have.

Shrimp is an increasingly popular protein choice - it’s a low-fat, healthy food enjoyed in dishes around the world. The global shrimp market is projected grow to >$50B by 2028.

The sector has become huge, but has remained immature. Most farmers rely on tradition, “gut feel”, pen and paper “guesstimates”, and anecdotal evidence.
We can and must do better.

Our mission

We modernise, de-risk, and simplify shrimp production for farm owners – by doing it ourselves.


We start in Vietnam – the world's 3rd largest shrimp exporter.

Shrimp farming problems

The biggest problem in the Vietnamese shrimp farming sector is the high mortality rate / high failure rate.
50 to 60% of the shrimps stocked in ponds die - this is unacceptable, and higher than in other nations.

High mortality & 
failure risk

Only ~50% of farming cycles reach the desired harvest state. 

This pushes many farmers into bankruptcy and leads to high financing costs.


Compared to the resources used (land, water, other inputs), the yield is low.

As a result, shrimp farms in Vietnam have the highest production cost in SEAsia.

Environmental Damage

Mangrove deforestation, ocean pollution, high land, water, and antibiotics use.

A lot if inputs used on shrimp that end of dead.

Our solution

We're a precise, tech-enabled, data-driven, hands-on shrimp farm operator.

Our performance goals: >90% success rate; >10 tonnes / 1,000m2 production pond area per year; no antibiotics; <15% water exchange.

How? We manage existing farms in our own differentiated way - see below.


Phase 1 (2024)

Optimise our farming system

A science-based, all-in-one farming protocol

Precise guidelines for all farming decisions. Refined through empirical research done at our site in a Bac Lieu, for intensive, L. Vannamei production.

A suite of innovative, synergistic farming technologies

A mix of innovative technical solutions (hardware and software) that we trial and validate as effective and cost-effective.

Precision farming, done consistently 

Best practices and technologies have no value if not implemented consistently. We're pursuing operational excellence through well-trained staff and centralised, data-driven monitoring and support.

Phase 2 (2025 onwards)

Replicate our system

We will bring our complete, all-in-one farming system to tens of sites across Vietnam (starting in the Mekong Delta). 


We will modernise this sector hands-on, one farm at a time.

Do you own a shrimp farm in Vietnam and are looking for a manager / operator to boost the performance and profits of your farm? 

Please reach out to us. We are open to entering a range of different commercial agreements.

We're always on the look-out for innovative shrimp farming solutions - if you are working on one, please get in touch!

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